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Use FCNEMBA’s Trail Map Guide to find easy-to-read trail maps of all the popular mountain biking locations in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The Guide includes Google driving directions using Google maps as well as addtional interactive Google trail maps.

eBike Laws

This law applies to Connecticut State Parks only but none of the privately owned or town parks (Pine Mtn, Troutbrook, etc.) allow Ebikes either.

“(e) Except where permitted by local ordinance, a class 1 or class 2 electric bicycle shall not be ridden on a bicycle trail or path or multiuse trail or path designated for nonmotorized traffic if such trail or path has a natural surface tread made by clearing and grading the soil and no surfacing materials have been added.”


Trail Responsibility & Riding Etiquette

  • Do not ride when trails are wet, riding in muddy conditions causes significant damage to a trail!
  • If you come upon a mud puddle in the middle of the trail ride through it not around it!
  • Yield to all other trail users – – Slow down!
  • Downhill Traffic should yield to uphill traffic
  • Maintain control and speed of your bike especially where poor sight lines exist
  • Stay on designated trail do not braid or create your own riding lines

Trail Courtesy

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